About Us

Buffalo Metrology Inc. provides measurement and alignment services throughout the world. We utilize our portable laser CMMs (ION and multiple Vantage units) in the field and our rigid CMM's (Faro 2.4m HD Scan Arm, Romer 1.2m Arm & Helmel Gantry), along with a wide array of traditional measuring equipment, for our in-house services performed in our climate-control laboratory.


The BMI Mission Statement:

WE MEASURE - here, there and everywhere.


Our 25,000 sq.ft. shop has multiple bays with crane service for unloading items up to 50,000 lbs. All areas are climate controlled for accuracy during measurement processes.

Compressor Component Alignment


Corporate Affiliations

Metal Locking Service Inc.

Specializing in emergency cast iron repair, offering on-site and in-situ cast iron repair services around the world.  They employ a precise, mechanical method for making permanent cast iron repair without welding, brazing or applied heat of any kind.

MMG Industrial

A CNC production machine shop specializing in exotic alloys