What is Metrology? Metrology is the systematic and highly precise gathering of data in time and space. Metrology seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate the scrap and downtime in a process by gathering the information and acting upon its significance in the most effective, efficient manner.

BMI uses our metrology tools and experience to supplement our client’s capabilities:

  • Tramming of portable machining equipment at precise locations
  • Assisting in fabrication by locating critical placement components
  • Leveling/tramming of industrial machinery for proper operation
  • Measuring of large complex weldments beyond typical measurement tools
  • Measuring and reporting on current condition (as-built, as-machined, as-oriented)
  • Generating and exporting of IGES files for use in secondary fit-up/mating of related components
  • High definition scanning, inspection, reverse engineering and solid modeling of parts


Equipment Tramming
Extrusion Press Alignment


Hydro-turbine rotor and pole concentricity measurement
Hydro-turbine rotor support ring elevation measurement