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Our principal focus at BMI is to collaborate with rebuild contractors on the refurbishment of vertical and horizontal hydro-turbines.  We benchmark to establish the as-found condition and then monitor and assist through-out the complete rebuild process.   


  • Unit centerline establishment 

  • Positioning Lower Bracket to unit centerline 

  • Positioning Stator to unit centerline, magnetic center 

  • Positioning Head Cover to unit centerline and rotation 


  • Locating and setting of embedded Sole Plates 

  • Core cylindricity, verticality (before unstacking, after restacking) 

  • Frame Keybar cylindricity, verticality and chord length 

  • ​Keybar installation (dovetail and round) 

    • We bring our own welders​



  • Shaft Journals and Thrust Ring surface 

  • Pole cylindricity, verticality and magnetic center 

  • Rim cylindricity, verticality (before raising, after lowering) 

  • Dovetail cylindricity, verticality 

  • Headstocks, Brake Ring and Rim Ledges 


  • Discharge Rings, Stay Rings, Head Covers, Speed Rings 

  • Poles, Wicket Gates, Keys, Servo Flanges 

  • Generator Shafts, Runners, Oil Tubes 

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